Free race & diversity training with The Education People

School Leaders and Teachers are invited to a Free session to explore the resources, experience hands on activities and understand how the training can be delivered in your school.

Venue : Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford. TN23 1PL

Date : Thursday 2nd May

Time : 1.15 – 3.00 pm

The Violence Reduction Unit held a ‘Hope Hack Conference’ with young people (2022) looking for ideas that would improve the world in which they live. Groups of young people collaborated and said that tackling racism was a priority for them. In particular they would have wanted their teachers in Primary/Secondary School to discuss and explain issues around Racism .

This input includes:

  • Educating Racism includes ideas and strategies for engaging children as well as staff.
  • Focuses in on Race -Importance of using appropriate inclusive terminology and language
  • Staff confidence in tackling racist incidents
  • Understanding stereotypes and unconscious bias
  • Exploring our children’s experiences to help us create more inclusive spaces in education.

Closing Date to register: 6.00pm Tuesday 30 April